Izzy La Reina: The Emerging Brazilian Pop Sensation

Let’s face it. Some girls were destined to shine and Izzy La Reina is one of these women who was born for greatness. All the elements of her life determined that this gorgeous Brazilian diva would be somebody who would shine at the top of all she does. She was born in Brazil and moved to Los Angeles, where she is dedicating her time in pursuit of music. However, she didn’t leave out the fact that she is a proud member of the local Latin community which has helped develop/shape her character personally and professionally. Being a Latin pop artist allows her to express herself through music in whichever way she pleases! You can see this clear by listening to all of her musical productions, as they are all unique representing each true part of who she is. This strong-minded woman doesn’t play games when it comes to her career.

“I’m Brazilian, but I live in the United States. I understand pop in America. At the same time, I add the Latin vibes. Some of my songs are in English. Some of my songs are in Spanish. Brazil gives me that third culture, because there’s no place like it. I’m trying to bring everything together.” Says Izzy La Reina as she flexes her style which is a mix of different worlds as she likes to call it.

Her songs have garnered more than 6 million streams on YouTube and other streaming platforms and has been featured in many recognizable outlets and platforms.

The talented singer and songwriter had a distinct her style of voice and sound. Right after her debut single “Diabla” that released in 2021, she came into the limelight of pop industry and proved that she is here to stay. Izzy’s follow up single “Boy Toy” also created a lot of buzz in the industry. Her fanbase is huge and is growing quite rapidly.

To listen her music and stay updated on her upcoming songs,

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