Jennifer Okolie (Okodestinyy)

Jennifer Okolie (Okodestinyy)

Jennifer Okolie (Okodestinyy), the 29-year-old non-practicing lawyer and Christian fashion

model, tells us in a recent interview that she finally found her purpose in life. 

She announced that she would start modelling again after a very long break. She recently

opened a YouTube channel called “Oko Inspiration,” where she posts motivational

videos as well as videos about personal development, self-improvement, success,

psychology, and, like she said, most importantly, spirituality.

 She believes she is destined

to help people grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. She says, “People should

never give up on their dreams because our dreams do not have an expiration date. God

is often opening doors way later than what we expect but he’s doing it at the exact right


She says doors were closed for her for 5 years, and now she is getting opportunities she could have never imagined. She says it sometimes takes years

for God to show us our purpose in life. She wants to inspire people with her success

story and make them understand and believe that everything is possible if you give your

heart to God and let him work his miracles. 

She told us about her struggles as a Christian in the fashion model industry. She says: In the future, she will be very selective about who she will work with. She thinks it’s important to express our uniqueness and never give up our morals and values to acquire worldly success.

In one of her first YouTube videos, she talks about synchronicities. She doesn’t

believe in coincidences. 

She thinks that everything happens for a reason and that we need to start trying to hear God’s voice and recognize the little cosmic clues he gives us to guide us in the right direction.

She wants to make people understand that everyone has much power and influence, even without large social media platforms. She wants to encourage people to influence

others positively and improve the world. We are looking forward to

following her journey.

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