Jertaker’s featured collaboration with KB the Champion hits the Spinnin’ Records charts, whose parent organization is Warner Music Group. “Big Check” hits an astounding number 22 on the charts. The Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool Charts are for any genre’s hottest artists and songs worldwide. Such an accomplishment is quite legendary for a Buffalo, NY artist. According to the Talent Pool Chart’s records, KB the Champion and Jertaker were the first Buffalo, NY artists to accomplish this. Making Buffalo, NY’s music scene increase in growth. Accomplishments like these from Buffalo indie artists are indicators of the future faces of the industry. KB the Champion and Jertaker are high potential candidates for a lot of future pull in the industry due to their actions, time, and hard work. KB the Champion has invested a lot into hosting, creating, or taking part in plenty of the Buffalo, NY music events and has brought many giant corporations into Buffalo, creating opportunities. Besides the rise of Griselda, KB the Champion and Jertaker may become Buffalo’s NEXT BIG THING.

Jertaker has been keeping well versed in a lot for quite some time. He happened to host an episode of Faithful Film Fanatic, a movie review podcast on the rise. Terry Roy, on standard terms, hosts Faithful Film Fanatic. Terry is currently in the process of improving and networking to grow his podcast. Jertaker became a part of the team and is now the video editor, and assists Terry in any way he can. In that episode Jertaker hosted, Jertaker interviewed the director Marcelo Grion and two actors, Mark Vasconcellos and Tony Devoto, from the movie “The Prototype.” They were asked questions based on the film, how they became who they are, and their career. Terry made it clear that he appreciated Jertaker stepping up and hosting that episode when he couldn’t.

This year Jertaker has also brought us a fantastic trailer for his entertainment channel. The trailer contained an excellent feel for what to expect with Jertaker and his content, wrestling, and music.

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Unfortunately, Jertaker has been a little quiet with vlogs and content. But that is because he had featured on many other channels on YouTube. Some include Faithful Film Fanatic, Musverse, Lifting the Veil 716, Two in the Cooler, Iconstar Podcast/network, and others. He was also featured in the background scenes in a music video for Buffalo, NY artist Street Soprano part of Griselda, or the Black Soprano Family (BSF) featuring G Premacy. The name of this song is “It Is What It Is,” which was a very great song and had great visuals.

Check the link below to see this music video:

His latest release was his song “Wasted Remix,” also referred to as “Wasted Dysphoric Edition”. This song made uniqueness that was a dark dysphoric EDM remix of his most successful song “Wasted,” which featured two of Buffalo’s rappers: chart-topping artist Dylan Toole and “Struggle Cartel” music group member: Grenzy. Jertaker had put together a music video different from the rest. In a way, that was not a traditional video. Instead, he put together his first animated music video. He had many team’s assist with the effort. Word has it that he played the boss position in hiring and firing to get what his vision entailed. The animated music video was a work of art and a massive accomplishment in the rankings of Jertaker’s division in the music world. Jertaker said: “I believe this song was the start of my dabble into electronic dance music, and it will more than likely expand or take me to Dubstep and Trance as well.”

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