Kentucky Raised Music Mogul in the Making

Kentucky Raised Music Mogul in the Making

J Hood YSF, born James Hood, is a rising music executive born and raised in Kentucky. Musically, within the last 24 months he has been making a statement for Kentucky. Running an artist development label, J Hood YSF focuses on creating artists unique sounds and developing their images. The rapid success of artists he has worked with has made him a hot commodity.

We had a chance to catch up with him and ask about pursuing music as an executive from Kentucky, as there are few music execs from there. He says the journey has not been easy and he has not had many people to turn to for guidance or advice. More than anything it has been fun assisting with the introduction of a whole new sound and culture to the music industry. He also mentioned being thankful for those who have been very resourceful to him throughout his journey and the bonds that he has been able to create through the shared passion.

J Hood YSF shared his exciting plans for 2023! These plans include making his artist development services available to other up and coming artist. He is only working with serious artists so come ready to work.

He also discussed his new Digital Marketing platform, where he will help artists build their Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok accounts organically. He stressed the fact that there won’t be any bots or fake streams used in the process.

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