KIRI Engine Presents 3D Gaussian Splatting Editing for Smartphones

KIRI Engine Presents 3D Gaussian Splatting Editing for Smartphones

With the most recent KIRI Engine update, you can now view 3D from a whole new perspective thanks to a technological advancement called 3D Gaussian Splatting. In November, the 3D scanning app debuted 3D Gaussian Splatting; however, these days, you can use your smartphone to edit the model after obtaining it from a photo.

By using 3D Gaussians to represent the scene, 3D Gaussian Splatting is a rendering technique that makes it possible to create 3D scenes from 2D footage. In short, it uses machine learning to convert a point cloud to gaussians, allowing samples of images to be transformed into 3D scenes without the need for mesh creation. More details about it are available here.

Thanks to the new editing features in KIRI Engine, you can work with 3DGS files:

With the help of the sphere cropping feature, users can use a spherical shape to crop their 3D scenes. It allows you to refine the scene in two different ways: either cropping everything inside the sphere or everything outside of it.

The ability to slice scenes using plane shapes gives users more creative and control over how their 3D environments are organized. This feature is known as the “Plane Tool.”

Brush Tool: This manual tool allows users to select which parts of their scene to include or remove. Both broad and fine edits can be achieved with the brush’s adjustable size.

After that, you can scale, rotate, and reposition the scene before exporting it.

For an example of 3D Gaussian Splatting in action, watch Bad Decisions Studio’s 3D conversion of well-known movie scenes. Additionally, a group of researchers introduced 4D Gaussian Splatting, a novel technique that offers high training and storage efficiency for real-time dynamic scene rendering.

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