Kirk Cooper: why time is the most precious commodity

Kirk Cooper: why time is the most precious commodity

It’s something of a myth in the modern world that in any professional endeavor, you get out what you put in. Ideally, the financial and personal rewards of any job should be significant and equate perfectly to the amount of work you undertake. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. In what entrepreneur Kirk Cooper has branded the tyrannical treadmill of the rat race, individuals are exploited, unrecognized, and unrewarded as they trade their time for money, and allow cherished dreams to wither and die. The founder of Ecom Automation Gurus believes this current state of affairs is unacceptable and thinks we should all be striving to change a status quo that is detrimental to human potential and well-being.

“It’s no good pointing the finger and blaming others, as only you can break the cycle and live the life you were intended to lead,” says Kirk Cooper, who quit his job as a teacher in 2019 to go all alone and live life on his terms. It was a wise choice as Cooper confesses that he’s never been happier and now spends his time urging other people to follow suit.

“I was trading my time for what I now see as an hourly rate. I was working round the clock and never saw my family, friends, or got to do the things I loved. My dreams were slowly dying and I thought if I don’t act fast, life is going to pass me by.”

Showing he had an instinctive knack for eCommerce, Cooper struck gold and made his first million dollars. He now works less, lives more, and believes anyone with big dreams should stay true to their path and not be tempted to sell out for a handful of dollars.

Kirk Cooper reiterates, “It takes time and a lot of commitment to realize our dreams, but if you don’t take the leap and just stay trapped in a system where other people profit off your time, energy, and creativity, you’ll regret it, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, and that’s for sure! The big change starts with you!”

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