Knoxville’s Newest Pop Star: Vallie Noles

Photographer : Claude Yao Sahi

Vallie Noles is an artist who has been steadily building her reputation over the past few years. She’s released four EPs to date, with each one becoming a hit and earning Vallie recognition from both fans alike for their powerful tone in music as well as critical acclaim  pop singer when it comes which you can hear here on “Circumstances.” This latest offering was released at end of April 2022- already receiving rave reviews by those lucky enough to get their hands on this Album!

The young pop star is capturing the public’s heart with her self-produced and written music. Her captivating performances will grab you in an instant, be it through emotional releases or something more cinematic like Vallie has started breaking into – a new genre altogether!

Vallie is a musician who aims to inspire by other experiences, her songs tend to touch on deeper themes like mental and physical health, anxiety, trauma, and even individualism, culture, and embracing one’s self. Some works also touch on psychological concepts challenging perception and reality. Vallie likes to intricately weave these concepts into more complex visuals for her music videos and cover art.

The latest album creation, “Circumstances”, is a cover art that challenges perspective and highlights different ways of looking at the world we live in. It can be interpreted in many ways, but Vallie ultimately wants her music to empower people to feel comfortable in their own skin and make their own choices. She builds her songs from experiences that have left an impression on her life in one way or another.

Vallie’s songs often carry messages that are hidden behind clever wordplay and metaphors. However, despite their depth, her songs are always meant to be enjoyed first and foremost. Vallie loves experimenting with new sounds and incorporating different genres into her work; she wants everyone to be able to find something they enjoy in her music. Above all else, Vallie’s goal is to bring joy into the lives of others through her music.

According to Vallie, the capacity to listen, learn, and adapt are vital attributes of a competent musician. The beauty of music is that it is a living art form that is unique to both the composer and the viewer. That is also the most difficult task. It expands as you do.

Vallie has been featured in numerous articles and magazines, including the cover of the May 2022 edition of Malvie Magazine, a featured blog entry in the May 2022 Hushh Magazine, and the Knoxville Voyager, as well as TV segments such as ABCs Living East Tennessee-WATE Channel 6, all while expressing positivity and encouraging honesty through her works and reach.

Vallie is now working on new songs like she usually does. She is always creating and developing new material for the next project. Vallie enjoys staying active and planning her next move. We recommend that you listen to the new songs by Vallie. We are sure you will fall in love with them. If you want to know more about Vallie’s life, check her Instagram: @CallMeVallie or her website https://callmevallie.com/.

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