Kuo: AirPods to change to USB-C for charging close by iPhone 15 in 2023

Kuo: AirPods to change to USB-C for charging close by iPhone 15 in 2023

Apple is purportedly planning to change the iPhone to USB-C for charging when one year from now. Presently, Apple examiner Ming-Chi Kuo likewise predicts that Apple will send off new versions of the AirPods charging cases when one year from now.

There are new AirPods Pro coming later this year, however the charging case for this model is supposed to stay with Lightning connectivity. Apple likewise released its AirPods 3 earphones last year, and they additionally use Lightning for charging. The charging cases for both AirPods and AirPods Pro help wireless charging too.

This isn’t whenever Kuo first has revealed that future versions of AirPods will use USB-C for charging. In May, the expert said that AirPods as well as Apple’s different frill would likewise change to USB-C close by the iPhone. This additionally incorporates frill like the Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse accessories for Mac, and the MagSafe Battery Pack accessory for iPhone.

All this means once the iPhone 15 goes USB-C in 2023, Apple will at the same time begin the method involved with changing its items to USB-C. This will, ultimately, mark the finish of the Lightning connector out and out. With the commonness of Lightning, notwithstanding, this will probably require a long time to finish as a matter of fact.

Regulation in the European Union is one of the main impetuses behind Apple’s choice to at long last switch the iPhone, AirPods, and different assistants to USB-C. The normal charger regulation will require all cell phones and assistants to utilize USB-C for charging beginning in 2024.

The greatest disillusionment here is Apple obviously holding on as late as possible to change AirPods to USB-C charging. Preferably, the organization would start the change to USB-C with the send off of AirPods Pro 2 not long from now. All things considered, AirPods Pro 2 will stay with Lightning, driving purchasers to buy a new charging case in 2023 if they have any desire to normalize on USB-C.

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