Lakeview Dental Implants Kelowna: Process, Aftercare, and More

Lakeview Dental Implants Kelowna: Process, Aftercare, and More
The dental implant services available at Lakeview Dental Centre, West Kelowna, are undoubtedly the best in their category. Lakeview Dental is a reputed dental care institute located in West Kelowna, Canada. The clinic is famous for various services, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, etc. In fact, Lakeview Dental is considered the best dental implants Kelowna service. Lakeview Dental is owned and operated by Dr. Greg Sigel and Alexandra Sigel. Dr. Greg Sigel is the chief practitioner at Lakeview Dental. He serves the roles of general dentist and implantologist. The accessible location, polite staff, responsive customer care, affordable procedures, qualified dentists, etc., have made Lakeview a popular choice nationwide. The dental implant service at Lakeview is particularly famous throughout the Kelowna community.

Lakeview Dental Implants

Dental implants are a high-in-demand service at Lakeview Dental. They offer top-notch dental implant services to all patients, even if they have complex conditions. Lakeview Dental provides customized servicesto each of its patients. The personalized solutions enable dental implants to work successfully all the time. Lakeview dental implants are widely recognized for their premium quality and long-lasting build. They make the best solutions for missing or damaged teeth. The prices of dental implants at Lakeview are also affordable. Patients can even avail of the convenient payment plans at Lakeview to pay the prices through interest-free installments.

Lakeview Dental Implants: Process

The dental implant service at Lakeview proceeds through the following steps.

Step 1: Consultation

Lakeview offers a free first consultation for patients looking for dental implants. The consultation is ideal for deciding the treatment strategy for a particular patient. The implantologist uses X-ray, digital imaging technology, etc., to identify the problem areas in the patient’s teeth.

Step 2: Treatment Planning

Once the diagnosis and assessment are over, the implantologist suggests possible solutions to the issue. There are two different types of dental implants available at Lakeview. In the treatment planning stage, the implantologist decides which type of implants to use on the patient.

Step 3: Pre-Procedure Treatments

During the diagnosis, the implantologist may identify the patient’s underlying problems. Getting rid of these problems is essential to get the best effect from implants. So, before the surgery, the dentist carries out all the necessary procedures for the patient. Some of the most common pre-implant procedures are as follows.
  • Sinus lifts
  • Bone grafting

Step 4: Procedure

Once all the underlying conditions are treated and solved, the Lakeview dentists proceed to the actual dental implant procedure on the patient. Dr. Sigel himself will carry out the procedure. The payment plans or insurance claims regarding the implants will be sorted out before the surgery. Patients can use the interest-free payment plans at Lakeview to undergo dental implant surgery. If the patients have valid insurance, the Lakeview Dental team will bill the procedure directly to the insurance provider.

Step 5: Aftercare

Lakeview dentists are particular towards their patients regarding the aftercare of dental implant surgery. They suggest that patients keep their teeth and gum clean to avoid infections. As per the Lakeview dentists, it is advisable to regularly floss, brush, and clean the teeth.
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