Launched with the new Kirin 8000 4G SOC, the Huawei Nova 12

Launched with the new Kirin 8000 4G SOC, the Huawei Nova 12

Since the company made its formal announcement, there have been numerous reports about the Huawei Nova 12 series. The smartphone lineup is now available. It appears that the majority of the reports about the series were accurate. But the Kirin 8000 is by far the main attraction of this launch.

In case you were wondering, Huawei gained notoriety following the release of the Mate 60 series, which featured the Kirin 9000S. After three years of US sanctions, it was Huawei’s first System on a Chip. Thus, the Kirin 8000 of the Huawei Nova 12 is essentially another attempt at innovation from the massive Chinese company. That being said, the Kirin 8000 lacks 5G, in contrast to the Kirin 9000 series.


Despite being the entry-level model in the series, the Huawei Nova 12 has some impressive specifications. For instance, the front of the device has a sizable 6.7-inch OLED screen. It supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz and has an FHD+ resolution. This screen has the potential to provide an extremely immersive viewing experience because of its thin bezels.

The Huawei Nova 12 is equipped with the latest Kirin 8000 chipset. It is a 4G chipset with a “1 + 3 + 4” core configuration, as was previously mentioned. It has 8 GB of RAM in addition to the Mali G610 GPU. You can purchase the device with up to 512 GB of memory in terms of storage.

The Nova 12’s internal components are powered by a 4600 mAh battery. The smartphone should charge quickly—up to 100 watts—from 0% to 100%. Regarding the camera arrangement, the Huawei Nova 12 has three cameras on its rear. The device’s primary camera is a 50 MP lens.

It is combined with an 8 MP ultra-wide camera and a macro sensor. This setup’s primary sensor has a fixed f/1.9 aperture, but the Ultra variant has a variable aperture. A 60 MP ultra-wide selfie sensor on the front of the Huawei Nova 12 is contained in a centrally located hole punch.

The Nova 12 also has an in-display fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, dual SIM support, and laser autofocus, among other features.


Information about the upcoming Kirin 8000 SoC is still limited. Ultimately, the smartphone is still a relatively new device. However, the Kirin 8000 in the Huawei Nova 12 has a “1 + 3 + 4” core configuration, with 4 low-power cores in the final cluster, according to WHYLAB. TaiShan cores are the first four cores. Yet, they have distinct core clocks and are arranged differently in clusters.

The second cluster, which has three TaiShan cores, is clocked at 2.18 GHz, while the first TaiShan core, as shared by WHYLAB, is clocked at 2.4 GHz. In contrast, the 1.84 GHz clock speed is associated with the low-power cores. By delving into the device’s hardware specifications, WHYLAB provided this information. Please refer to the image that WHYLAB shared, which is attached below.

The Huawei NOVA 12’s price and availability

The Huawei Nova 12 is available in three distinct color combinations: Blue, Gray, and Black. The two storage capacities that are available to you are 512 GB and 256 GB. CNY2999, or about $420, is the price of the 256 GB model. Alternatively, the 512 GB model costs CNY3399, or about $560.

Nevertheless, the Nova 12 is presently available for pre-order in China. On January 5th of next year, open sales will begin. Furthermore, the gadget ought to arrive on foreign markets shortly.

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