Lenovo and Motorola Unveil ‘Smart Connect’ for Seamless Multi-Device Connectivity

Lenovo and Motorola Unveil ‘Smart Connect’ for Seamless Multi-Device Connectivity

At MWC 2024, Lenovo and Motorola unveiled Smart Connect, a software program designed to connect digital ecosystems and provide a smooth multi-device experience.

Improved Communication for Everyone

Smart Connect facilitates seamless transitions between compatible devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs, to cater to a wide range of users, including professionals and students.

Without having to buy devices with the same operating system, it allows users to switch tasks with ease and maintain workflow.

Smart Connect: Essential Elements

Cross Control: Enable effective cross-device multitasking by allowing to easily switch between a PC, tablet, and phone with just one keyboard and mouse.

Swipe to Stream: Media and content can be played continuously by transferring app activities between devices with a single swipe.

Notification Sync: Continually receive updates on messages and alerts on all of devices.

Share Hub: Easily exchange media and files between compatible devices, streamlining teamwork without having to worry about storage space constraints.

Smart Clipboard: Easily copy and paste text or images between tablets, PCs, and phones.

Instant Hotspot: To provide other devices with safe and quick internet access, can instantly turn phone into a hotspot.

Webcam Integration: To improve your ability to work remotely, make use of the high-resolution camera on smartphone for livestreaming or video calls.

Extended Work and Play Area: Using just your phone, can play games, stream videos, or open a mobile desktop on a smart TV to maximize the functionality of Motorola device.


Smart Connect will be available through the Microsoft Store for Lenovo PCs running Windows 10 or later, and the Google Play Store for some Lenovo tablets and Motorola smartphones.

Lenovo has also declared its intention to increase availability in the upcoming months; specific requirements and device compatibility will be disclosed at launch.

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