LISTEN: Shabam’s Debut Single,‘I Bow To You’

LISTEN: Shabam’s Debut Single,‘I Bow To You’

LA Based singer-songwriter Shabam has released his Debut single ‘I Bow To You’

This song is very close to his heart as it was the first song he wrote.

The song is about thanking the universe/nature to what it offers us. Since Shabam is a spiritual person who believes in the law of attraction, He decided to write a song about it.

Talking about the way he approaches a song, his songwriting process is pretty interesting. He doesn’t stick to one particular method when it comes to writing a song, that opens up the possibilities of being more imaginative, this way things come naturally and sounds authentic. He writes from his experiences, the people he has observed over the years, trying to deliver a message to them through his music.





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