Loaning Money to Friends and Family

Loaning Money to Friends and Family

See website and article for product information. Our mission is to help communities thrive through financial and economic uncertainty by making it easier for people to say YES to loaning money to friends and family.

We believe that everyone deserves access to fair and affordable credit, regardless of their credit history or financial background. And with more and more people struggling to make ends meet in the wake of increasing economic uncertainty, the need for a service like Chipkie has never been greater.

At Chipkie, we are dedicated to helping communities thrive in the face of financial and economic uncertainties by making it easy, safe, and fun to lend money to friends and family. We understand that many people lend money to their loved ones an average of five times a year, but only 7% feel great about it due to the perceived risks and awkward conversations. That is why we have created Chipkie, a platform that removes these barriers and gives peace of mind to both lenders and borrowers.

Our platform automates loan terms and payments, provides transparency and accountability, and ultimately makes lending money to friends and family a hassle-free experience. Chipkie benefits most people, especially those in lower socio-economic regions who are 3X more likely to lend to friends and family. As a proud female-led tech start-up, we are dedicated to improving access to capital and support for people in need everywhere.

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