Los Jovenes Clinilogic an Indian Start Up: Revolutionising & developing cutting edge research driven innovative smart skinceuticals

Los Jovenes Clinilogic an Indian Start Up: Revolutionising & developing cutting edge research driven innovative smart skinceuticals

Oprah Winfrey states that “Don’t worry about being successful, but work towards being significant and success will naturally follow “. This holds true for the clinician and iconic business woman Dr. Lita Mohapatra, who has accomplished every task she has ever worked for. She is a perfect blend of great scientific skills and charismatic personality which personifies through her work.  Her dedication towards the company progress, achievements and vision is unparalleled. She is the founder of Indian Start-up Los Jovenes Clinilogic Pvt Ltd Company, which is based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. Dr Lita founder of Los Jovenes Clinilogic states “being a clinician, aesthetic medicine practitioner and women entrepreneur, I foresee that there is still a huge gap between availability of skin care products which is effective, has minimal side effects and technology driven”.

She is MBBS, double Masters in Medicine (Australia) and also fellow in Aesthetic Medicine. She is very progressive in her ideas and within a short span of a year managed to bag several awards, recognition and prestigious Government of India Award, Research grant for her company. Recently she was awarded as “Excellence in Business Entrepreneurship 2020” for her outstanding contribution as a woman entrepreneur

How does it feel getting awards and accolades?

Dr Lita states that “she remembers going out with her maternal grandfather to her favourite store, where he used to buy her pastries and favourite chocolates”. She says every time I get an award I feel very emotional and nostalgic, it a journey down memory lane where my grand dad used to buy me special treats. My happiness on receiving awards is very similar to that feeling”. I feel happy, humble and blessed.

 As an entrepreneur I feel it validates my hard work, passion, skills, ideas and innovations. . It boost my confidence and drives my neurons to think at a higher level. It increases endorphins level in my body to think, focus, research and create better innovative products.

Tell us more about iSTEM dermaceuticals?

 It is the brand name under which my company currently marketing dermaceuticals. We are developing many iconic products for skin hyperpigmentation, premature aging, acne and other skin issues. We aim to launch some of the products in 2021/ 2022. This year my company launched a unique vitamin C, glutathione and hyaluronic acid based skin serum for skin brightening as a home care product.

Dr Lita states she is currently working with her team to develop many products tapping resources which inspires her. She is very keen to develop innovative technology driven product which help her treatment protocols and many people globally.

What are your expansion plans?

“In the next 3 years, we want to expand into global markets. Moreover, we are looking to develop our product pipeline further to strengthen our customer portfolio,” says Dr Lita while outlining the future agenda.

LosJovenes Clinilogic surely has a huge advantage in terms of geographical location, as South East Asia is the hub for skin care products. Looking ahead, the company intends to leverage the advantages of both location and industrial collaboration over the next 3 years to ensure that it can make a huge difference towards launching innovative and niche product in skin care.

At present the company is at the stage to launch some products this year, and post BIRAC’s Biotech Ignition Grant, incubating at KIIT TBI, it would focus on raising funds for scale up and product launch. The founder is looking at initially targeting product distribution in South East Asian countries and further penetration to global market.

What inspires you?

Dr Lita states that “Life inspires me”. I get inspired by people I meet, nature, medicine, science, patterns, artwork, music, food, culture, plants, poetry, and magic”. It all about creating dots and joining them through brain mapping. I feel like my brain works incessantly trying to think innovative components which add value to products.

What is your fitness mantra?

Dr Lita states “that I have a routine life with fixed work hours, with intermittent relaxation breaks, healthy diet (mostly home cooked food) and meditations. She loves tea in any form flavoured or Indian which she likes to sip to recharge her mind and soul. She states “A synchronization has to be achieved between work-life”. This is essential to coordinate our energies between personal and professional life for inner peace.

We wish success in her journey as an entrepreneur and in all her endeavours.

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