Make way for this mesmerizing beauty, an internationally published model and Playboy Playmate from the US – Yulia Foxx

Make way for this mesmerizing beauty, an internationally published model and Playboy Playmate from the US – Yulia Foxx

The creative and the entertainment world has always been welcoming enough to people who have shown a different level of vibe and brilliance. These are industries that always produce some of the greatest talents in the world. However, since it is an ever-evolving and competitive industry, individuals also have to radiate their uniqueness to stay at the top of their game. Doing exactly that and showing her A-game in the world of modelling is a mesmerizing beauty named Yulia Foxx.

Who is Yulia Foxx, you ask? Well, she is one hell of a beauty who can turn heads around the world and make people go in awe of her aura and personality. Yulia Foxx was born in California and currently lives in Connecticut, the US. Her parents are from Russia, and hence she is fluent in speaking Russian. Today, this young beauty is an internationally published model and Playboy Playmate.

Speaking about her journey, Yulia Foxx says that she always aspired to become a model but hardly had anyone to support her dreams while she grew up. At 20 years, she got to know about a modelling & acting school/agency, and that’s how she began with learning the nitty-gritty of the modelling world and ended up moving to Miami for a short period in search of more opportunities.

Not many people know that apart from modelling, Yulia Foxx has also aced the game of real estate as a licensed realtor, which is her side-business. Yulia Foxx is a happy soul, she highlights. She likes to learn new things in her free time, like learning new cooking recipes for her love for food and likes wine tasting, beach volleyball, puzzles, working out, going to a shooting range, dinners, beach and scrapbooking.

Yulia Foxx also enthralled people by supporting Babes in Toyland charity events to support their troops, Toys for Tots and many more. She even hosted one of their events in Hollywood recently and is glad she could be a part of such events along with other beautiful models, which are for good causes.

Yulia Foxx has earned much recognition across the US as a model, businesswoman, and compassionate human being. To know more, follow her on Instagram : https://instagram.com/foxx_yulia

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