Mansour Tawafi: Accomplished Network Marketer, Multi-faceted Businessman, Leader in the Fintech Space and a humble personality

Mansour Tawafi: Accomplished Network Marketer, Multi-faceted Businessman, Leader in the Fintech Space and a humble personality

Mansour Tawafi’s story is one of adversity and triumph. He was not always as blessed and certainly didn’t have an easy start in life. However, his adversities paved the way for his triumph. His obstacles became his building blocks, each one helping to refine his competency at a different skill set and pulling him one step closer to mastery. Few people are born into a perfect situation, free from problems and challenges. Most have to work diligently and fight to climb to the top, and Mansour is one such example.

His professional career started early. Opting out of higher education despite attaching tremendous value to it, Mansour was driven to relieve himself and his family of financial constraints. He began full-time work in retail and persisted. Soon met with a break, Mansour entered the world of direct sales with little clue about the enormity of the industry.

He was captivated by the fact that multi-level marketing as a profession, indiscriminately, was the single biggest producer of millionaires. Irrespective of experience, race, gender, creed or religion, MLM offers the same opportunity and platform to every single person. Motivated by its meritocratic nature, Mansour hunkered down and got to work. Blessed with a chance he was so desperate for, Mansour made giant leaps in quick succession. He went from a novice participant to one of the highest-earning network marketers in the world, featuring at number twelve on Business From Home’s top one hundred MLM earners on the planet.

Starting as a clueless teen, Mansour found himself rubbing shoulders with some of the industry’s best and brightest minds. At such a young age, you would be forgiven for thinking he was in awe of the company he kept. But, on the contrary, he was a humble peer whose confidence, competence and leadership skills shone through and left many enthralled by his meteoric rise. Mansour didn’t feel out of place amongst the leaders of a booming industry; he felt right at home.

His rise saw him travelling the world, covering five continents, over fifty countries, all by the age of twenty-two. His natural talent for public speaking saw him train professionals with decades of experience in developing and growing organisations organically, on leadership, and what it takes to create a four/five/six-figure income monthly in this flourishing industry. At the peak of his network marketing career, Mansour stood before ten thousand people strong, delivering a talk on the international stage. A feat that is still lauded by many around the world years later.

It was Mansour’s hunger and thirst for knowledge, for growth and development that saw him soar through the ranks of the MLM world. It was his refusal to accept being just another average player in the game that turned his rise from a possibility to an inevitability. This mindset has continued to push him to broaden his horizon and not be contained simply within the world of direct sales.

Mansour’s keen eye saw the potential within the energy market of fintech. At this stage, he had a network that spanned the world over. Surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, he began studying the field and quickly embarked upon a software venture with partners in the Netherlands. They specialised in creating blockchains and building other software platforms. Witnessing its success, Mansour branched out and started his very own software solutions company in London. Today Mansour is running this company and consulting internationally on blockchain technology, tokenomics, and cryptocurrency. In addition, you will also find him mentoring individuals and organisations on leadership, growing healthy organisations, on creating effective compensation plans for network marketing companies.

Garnering success of this magnitude at such a young age is enough to corrupt or misguide the best of us. Mansour seems to be an exception to the rule yet again. He leads and maintains a modest lifestyle grounded firmly in his roots. This individual is devoted to giving back to people, to communities, to the less privileged. His ambition is to empower individuals through education so that they might one day rid themselves of being a victim of their circumstances. He hopes that through education, he might be able to equip them with the necessary tools to create a better world, a better tomorrow, not only for themself but also for future generations. Inspired by this goal Mansour

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