Matthew Garland, aka “MG the Mortgage Guy,” takes over the mortgage industry.

Matthew Garland, aka “MG the Mortgage Guy,” takes over the mortgage industry.

He dove deep into the ever-so-evolving mortgage world over 19 years ago and since then has turned into a successful author, podcaster, and business owner as well.

There are a few individuals who believe in following what others do and believe in never taking risks in their endeavours and careers, and then there are a few rare gems who go ahead in taking the required risks and innovating their way to the top in order to reach their highest potential and create a unique niche for themselves in all that they choose to lay their hands on. To do that in real estate and specifically in the mortgage realms has proved to be even more challenging and taxing, but there have been a few high-performing professionals who have done even that and proved to the world what it takes to become one’s best version. Matthew Garland, aka MG the Mortgage Guy, serves as one of the finest examples of one such professional.

Matthew Garland’s knowledge and over 19 years of rich experience have helped him push forward the growth of the mortgage sector in more ways than one. He has so far funded more than $1 billion in home loans. This has helped him turn into a top advisor and leader as well in the industry. To share his knowledge and insights about the industry, this passionate being has been leveraging the power of social media to reach like-minded professionals guiding them in topics of mortgages and real estate investing. Today, this high-performing professional has become the #1 go-to expert in the same.

To reach more people around the world vying to make it in the industry or those seeking guidance, he also emerged as a best-selling author and went ahead in co-founding EYL University, Investfest, as well as the “Rants & Gems,” his real estate podcast. His podcast has now become one of the top 50 investing podcasts in the world, a remarkable feat in his career. Through these platforms, Matthew Garland aims to teach and inspire people from all walks of life on the ins and outs of real estate. This has greatly helped forge an accessible bridge between all the parties, which is especially crucial in the real estate side of the business, he highlights.

Matthew Garland has risen even as a homeownership advocate and an investor who encourages people to become homeowners and empowers them by equipping them with the skills and resources to do that, irrespective of their current status, which has brought him to the forefront of the industry.

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