Meet Blake Saunders, The Real Estate Entrepreneur Striving To Eliminate Housing Problems

Meet Blake Saunders, The Real Estate Entrepreneur Striving To Eliminate Housing Problems

Blake Saunders is a young entrepreneur impacting the real estate industry by giving realtors consistent deals in the United States. Through his firm, Certified Media, Blake helps real estate agents gain a competitive advantage in their market by providing a consistent stream of listings to dozens of agents in the U.S

In addition to this, Blake Saunders uses his firm to contribute to a cleaner environment by venturing into renewable energy sources such as Solar power. His goal is to educate homeowners on the advantages of switching to solar and assist them with doing so. 

Recently, I got a one-on-one discussion with Blake Saunders. The interview was targeted at getting to know more about him, his passion for a better climate, and how he plans to solve housing problems in the U.S. 

Here is the brief conversation we had;

You’ve helped dozens of real estate agents, investors and brokers acquire quality listings and off-market deals; what advice do you have for those struggling to find consistent deals in the U.S.?

Real estate is a relations business. In order to be successful, you need to have an entire pipeline filled with people looking to buy or sell at all times. The only way to have a consistent pipeline is to have more conversations with your ideal clients. We always tell our agents that outflow equals inflow. Figure out your ideal client, then figure out how to get in contact with them. The most efficient way to do so is by texting. You find your ideal seller by housing specifics such as high equity, length of ownership, tax liens, etc. Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, get their phone numbers, whether it be by having them opt-in or simply buying a list online. Then have a conversation with them. Be extremely friendly, lead with value and figure out how you can help solve their problems. 

Why did You Venture into the Solar Energy Market?

Honestly, I discovered that I could use my knowledge in real estate and love for a cleaner environment to produce a great initiative. I was really good at getting in contact with specific homeowners so I knew I had an easy way in to educate. I decided to combine both and help many homeowners switch to solar. This is a winning situation for all, and the environment benefits too. Considering that a single residential solar system can eliminate over 4 tons of carbon emission each year, the impact will help the world if thousands of homeowners make the switch.

How Did You Make a Name in Real Estate?

I simply grew my network by talking to more people and upgraded my value by increasing my knowledge. The best thing I did was to stand out. I started doing things that were unique and solving real estate problems in unconventional ways. The goal is to achieve client satisfaction in the end, and I always did that.

Do You See the Real Estate Industry Growing?

Yes, I know that real estate will grow because houses and properties have become more valuable over the years. The prices are hitting an all-time high, and inventory is reaching its lowest time. I don’t know what will happen in the coming years, but I foresee a crash, and I am preparing for it. The plan is to grow further once the market flattens.

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