Meet Dr Zaid Al-Samkari, the general surgeon and doctor par excellence on a mission to spread medical awareness and give more clarity to people on many levels.

Meet Dr Zaid Al-Samkari, the general surgeon and doctor par excellence on a mission to spread medical awareness and give more clarity to people on many levels.

Dr Samkari very intelligently has optimized social media platforms to create unique and useful educational medical content to demystify many medical topics.

Nowadays, it is become very easy to reach the world with the tip of the fingers using social media platforms. However, ever wondered the so called ‘correct information’ that people spread across, calling it ‘facts’ are even true or not? Well, fortunately, we have learned and experienced doctors like Dr Zaid Al-Samkari who have made it their aim to demystify certain medical topics and create more medical awareness amongst people, making optimum use of social media platforms.

Studied from the Jordan University of Science and Technology, and finishing his education from the University of Sydney in Australia, Dr Samkari turned into a passionate and compassionate general surgeon. He did his residency program in general surgery from the Royal Medical Services Hospitals, Arab board.

Understanding how false information spreads like wildfire amongst the general public, who then create many other misconceptions regarding the medical topics, Dr Samkari thought of coming at the forefront and using social media to his advantage by making people aware of the real facts of the medical issues and topics. Today, he is the host of successful medical series known as “TikTALK”. Every season has eight episodes and Dr Samkari takes out a social experiment through the same. He interviews people on the streets and emphasizes on the many medical misconceptions they have and correct all of that on the set.

Dr Samkari has created waves in social media by carrying out medical activities for spreading medical awareness and creating educational, medical content that can reach more and more people through the power of social media. Dr Samkari is also the author of many medical research and discoveries that have also got published in British Medical Journals. He gained more recognition with his discovery of a link between appendicitis and genetic factors.

To do something better for all the disabled people, Dr Samkari even founded ‘Lametkher initiative’ and held 22 events successfully, joining hands with many governmental and medical institutions. For this, he has even received an honorary shield from Amman Municipality for his works in his charitable initiative for people with special needs. The innovative educational medical content he creates on social media has caught the attention of all and is also of great interest to young women of 18-24 years and older. His content is all about increasing public awareness on various levels, quashing many widespread and false medical misconceptions, theories and rumours.

His Instagram stories earn 15K views on an average and 30,000,000 viewers per month on TikTok. With his creative and educational posts and stories, Dr Samkari has even collaborated in campaigns and been a part of advertisements with several medical companies and drug stores in the kingdom of Jordan.

So far, Dr Samkari has garnered 1 million views for his medical content across his handles in social media. He has been covered by various media and has been featured or mentioned about in newspapers as well. Dr Samkari’s compassion and belief in diversity, acceptance and taking care of minorities and their special needs, has turned him into a role model for many.

He has even revolutionized the use of social media tools by physicians in the MENA region and has reached to people both locally and regionally in large numbers, catering to people of all age groups and backgrounds.

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