Meet Prajwal Ramamurthy, an multi-faceted entrepreneur and astute professional

Meet Prajwal Ramamurthy, an multi-faceted entrepreneur and astute professional

Revolutionizing the business world with his innate ideas, strategies, talent, skills, and expertise is an young gun, Prajwal Ramamurthy.

The last decade or so has seen and witnessed the rise and emergence of many new niche industries and businesses which have paved their way and made a special place in our current lives and systems. One thing that has been common behind all those successful startups has been the fire end energy of new race of entrepreneurs who have ensured to surprise one and all by their unique ideas and concepts. We came across one such talented young millennial entrepreneur who has swiftly revolutionized the entrepreneurial space with different businesses, Prajwal Ramamurthy.

Prajwal Ramamurthy is an ace entrepreneur and true-blue professional spreading his magic across different businesses and domains like real estate, software applications, car rentals, mobile apps, and credit repair. Honing his overall skills and expertise on playing many different roles across different domains, Prajwal has proved his prowess as an successful entrepreneur. Coming from a humble background where his family initially struggled each day to put foot on table, Prajwal took lot of inspiration from his parents to reach the milestone that he enjoys today. With an vision of providing everything to his family and improving his overall lifestyle, Prajwal embarked upon his special entrepreneurial journey and since then there has been no looking back for him. Starting early by doing many odd jobs from mowing lawns to working in an restaurant for a valet company to selling phones, Prajwal gained lot of work experience and umpteen number of opportunities to learn and upgrade his knowledge. Prajwal found great success with network marketing business which eventually changed his mindset and bank balance as well. He then completed his four-year degree in 20 months at Full Sail University in Orlando and graduated in honors with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, specifically in Mobile Application Development.

Today, Prajwal Ramamurthy has become one of the most seek and sought-after entrepreneurs in the business world. He is the founder and owner of an Exotic car rental company called Leozen Exotic Rentals where they own or broker a endless list of luxurious cars, be it be Tesla Model S, Model Y and Model X. Mercedes C300, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, BMW 650i, Mercedes S550, S560, GT63, Porsche Panamera, Audi Q8, SQ8, S5, Dodge Scat pack, Track hawk and others. Prajwal has also found colossal success in his real estate business where he helps people negotiate the best deal and allows them to create short terms rentals with Air Bnb. He also assists in renovating houses. In addition to this, he owns an software company that works on freelance projects where they take up any iOS, Android, or web projects.

Prajwal Ramamurthy has certainly become an “Jack of all Trades” shining as gold in every endeavor that he has been into. We wish him all the very best for future assignments.

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