Meet Shannon Sperber, who has been teaching others self-healing potential by leveraging their breathwork

She uses a specific somatic release breathwork process that incorporates music, NLP commands, and hands-on touch.

Due to the pandemic, the world has fully awakened to the importance of keeping a healthy mind and body. Somatic release breathwork is an excellent modality for releasing stress and restoring energy levels. Doctors and other medical practitioners have been vocal about breathwork’s health benefits on the body. Physical therapy doctor Shannon Sperber explains the benefits of breathwork. She became Heart Math certified and became certified as a breathwork facilitator this year. She works as a Somatic Release Breathwork facilitator, hosting group and individual sessions.

Shannon Sperber is a certified physical therapist working as a Somatic Release Breathwork facilitator, hosting group and individual sessions. She uses a Somatic Release Breathwork process that incorporates music neuro-linguistic programming commands, enhances the experience, and removes the barriers standing in the participant’s way. Sperber has been teaching others their self-healing potential through the program by leveraging breathwork. One of the critical benefits of breathwork is that it gets one out of their mind and into their body to feel. Sperber adds that so many people run on autopilot all day long, on their phones and computers, running errands, etc. It’s essential to slow down and silence the mind so one feels and listens to what their soul tells them. Allowing yourself to think can be the first step to healing. Sperber is currently targeting entrepreneurs to help them reach their potential through self-healing. She believes that their nervous systems are often in “fight or flight.” Also, they are usually stuck in their minds and need to connect to their bodies and hearts. Entrepreneurs carry so much stress and pressure and typically have past trauma so that they can benefit from this work. Sperber’s dream is to reach as many people as possible but has a target of reaching 1 million entrepreneurs across the world. 

She believes, “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer so that you may heal yourself.” She loves this because we all have the innate ability to heal with the breath. To learn more about her, get connected to her on her website @shannonlsperber.

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