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Meet The Influencers – with Michelangelo Azzariti

Meet The Influencers – with Michelangelo Azzariti

Italian based, 28 years old. On Instagram he already has over 66k followers :

Michelangelo Azzariti, graduated as a technician for tourist services, who is transforming his greatest passions, travel and photography, into a real job.

In the era of Instagram and Facebook, it is not difficult to turn one’s passions into work. This is what is happening to the Italian influencer Michelangelo Azzariti. His Instagram account, @michelangeloazzariti, dedicated to travel and nature, has 66k followers, constantly growing, and a number of important collaborations with major brands including Opel, North Sails, Bic and Peugeot.

Who is Michelangelo?

I am a twenty-nine year old boy with an immense passion for travel and photography. After school, I always traveled for work, starting to take my first steps in the hotel industry. For some years now, I have been moving for quite long periods in Alta Badia, in the Dolomites, where I work as a maître in the restaurant of a well-known hotel and I also deal with the management of social networks.

Have you ever imagined becoming a travel blogger? How did you get started?

Absolutely not. I have always loved traveling, discovering new places, habits, meeting people different from me, new cultures. Here, in every trip I try to do all this, to immerse myself deeply in the world around me. Photography has become increasingly important in my life thanks to instagram because since 2013, the year my profile was opened, I started to confront real photographers. Some of my photos were immediately appreciated, so much so that they were reposted on profiles such as @ig_italia, @ig_puglia, @Italiait and many others. Thanks also to this, many people started following me and asking me for travel advice. The real turning point came three years ago, when I started following the advice of the digital entrepreneur Dario Vignali on how to grow on instagram and how to propose to hotels and brands to start collaborations. The passion for photography has also helped me and has grown over the years, to the point of being able to portray with my shots some well-known Italian fashion bloggers including: Giulia Gaudino, Frank Gallucci, Nicole Pizzato.

What advice would you like to give to those who would like to become an influencer today?

Digital marketing is a world in constant evolution. You can never stand still and you must always be updated. I do it self-taught by following tutorials on youtube and constantly informing myself. Today, however, the market is saturated, there are few who really manage to emerge, I myself hope to be able to do better and better.

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