Meizu is Staying in the Smartphone Business and will Release Five New Models

Meizu is Staying in the Smartphone Business and will Release Five New Models

It has been rumored recently that Meizu is leaving the smartphone business to concentrate on AI-based goods. But those don’t appear to come to pass. With the impending release of not just one, but five new smartphones, Meizu is exceeding expectations.

Meizu isn’t releasing phones as regularly as it formerly did, as far as know. Meizu, the massive Chinese electronics company, is currently concentrating more on mid-range and high-end gadgets. For instance, flagship chipsets power Meizu’s recently released Meizu 20 and Meizu 21 series. In general, “we can conclude that the corporation is interested in providing strong chipsets for the newest devices.”

Meizu will Introduce Five new Handsets

You may forget about reports from recently indicating that Meizu is exiting the smartphone market. Five new phones are about to be released. Meizu is here to stay, even though specs and release dates are still unknown.

The Android Headlines team’s database has revealed the five next smartphone models that Meizu plans to release. The five incoming smartphones have the following model numbers: M411H, M411L, M412H, M421Q, and M431Q. Unfortunately, more information regarding these smartphones is not yet available, but we do know that Meizu is presently developing five distinct models. In actuality, the picture of the Meizu 21 Note that was leaked before.

The phone’s camera configuration is reminiscent to the iPhone Pro series. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Meizu 21 Note would include a 6.8-inch OLED screen with 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone will also have a 5500 mAh battery and be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Based on the leaked pictures, it seems that the Meizu 21 Note won’t be a flagship handset because of its small-looking cameras. “As we previously stated, the Meizu 21 Note’s camera technology might not be the best.” Nonetheless, Meizu doesn’t think twice about including top-tier chipsets in a number of its phones. Additionally, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset means that the Meizu 21 Note will likewise be a speedy phone.

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