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Melina The Beautiful Instagram Public Figure

Melina The Beautiful Instagram Public Figure

Melina aka @MelonDaGraduate on Instagram has made a jump start on her 2020 career! By connecting with many public figures, verified artists, actors & more. She’s known on social media for her cute & aesthetic photos. When we Interviewed Melina & asked her about social media goals, she had this to say.

“Generally I’d like to grow my fanbase, engage with my fans, connect with some clothing brands & makeup companies too. I think Instagram is the perfect platform to build your online presence! Who knows because the possibilities really are endless. I got in contact with a manager about a week ago and my online notoriety has gone up, to say the least, so I’m sure surprises are yet to come. Maybe a future YouTube vlog channel? I don’t know we’ll see.”

Based on what we have heard, from other verified public figures on Instagram, Melina seems to be fitting right in with the ever-growing social media connection circles. She also has a striving passion for music and might be in the works of making some!

If you like MelonDaGraduate and want to find out more about her or want to keep up to date with her you can find her on Instagram below.

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