Milan Hightower Attends Helmut Lang Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week

Milan Hightower Attends Helmut Lang Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week

Other than being a sensational rap artist, Milan Hightower is also a fashion extraordinaire. It’s evident in his style of dressing, and overall look. If you’ve watched any of his music videos, you’ll notice how he goes a step further to coordinate colors and designs—bringing more life to it by going with more vibrant colors. He understands the importance of image, that’s why he always puts together something classy, every time he steps out.

Milan doesn’t shy off from trying new things that are different, be it dying hair, or styling it uniquely. His unique style always brightens the mood and sets the tone for something energetic. Always ready to turn it up.

He remarks that he’s always fascinated by fashion, and views it as a form of art. For instance, if someone dyes his hair red or green, or whatever color, he sees it as art and is intrigued to understand its thought process.

The hip-hop artist says he’s always on the loop for the latest trends. He does this by attending several fashion shows. In September 2017, he joined other fashionistas in celebrating New York Fashion Week. Together with brothers, the Gnarl3y Boys, they got front row seats at the Helmut Lang Fashion Show. They showed up in style, making a statement, with a look that demanded attention.

He wore formal grey pants, paired with a black polo-neck, neatly tucked. He topped it up with a black leather jacket, cute sneakers, and some bling. The trio spiced it up with trendy glass frames and had an overall swaggerish demeanor, not forgetting their distinctive hairstyles.

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