Mo Abedin: from nurturing his childhood passion for food to launching SAUCEBEAST

Mo Abedin: from nurturing his childhood passion for food to launching SAUCEBEAST

Content creation has become popular in the past couple of years, with many people using their social media accounts and YouTube for this purpose. While most are full-time content creators, others like Mo Abedin juggle different jobs in addition to content creation. Having a multi-faceted career in content creation and food, art, and comics is something that Mo Abedin does with ease.

Abedin is an Emirati that was born in Bangkok, Thailand, in 1987 but is now based in Dubai. He grew up in a largely creative environment and developed an interest in toys, comics, and food at a young age. His mother, a Thai chef and restaurateur, encouraged him to pursue his interests, and he slowly incorporated them into his professional life. 

His love for food saw him starting a Thai food restaurant, Sticky Rice, with his mother. The restaurant is well-known in Dubai for its authentic Thai cuisine, with customers coming in from far and wide to taste the pair’s food. Abedin’s love for food did not end with Sticky Rice; he founded SAUCEBEAST, a food channel that he runs with his wife, Nina. The couple, who are avid supporters of the food industry in the UAE, tell the stories of chefs and home cooks across the country, showcasing the food that they grow, cook, and serve.  

Establishing himself as a food content creator was not a smooth journey, but his love for food and his background as a restaurateur aided him. Part of his role at Sticky Rice is coming up with new dishes, which involves experimenting with various flavors until he settles on the best. This comes in handy when doing SAUCEBEAST food reviews, as his experienced palate can easily differentiate between great and average food. “I am a huge foodie, always in pursuit of great food. I look for amazing restaurants, whether they are popular or hole-in-the-wall types, and try their food. I’m always as honest as possible when giving my feedback and I only showcase the best chefs and dishes.” says Abedin.  

Mo Abedin has grown from the kid who loved food, art, and comics to a restaurant owner and a food content creator. Look out for his restaurant reviews on SAUCEBEAST

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