Mobin Ojaghloo’s Opinion About Iranian Pop Music And How To Succeed In Iranian Pop Music

Mobin Ojaghloo’s Opinion About Iranian Pop Music And How To Succeed In Iranian Pop Music

First, What is music? 

It’s a type of art whose main constituent elements are sound and silence. The main elements of music include sublime (determining melody and harmony) and rhythm.

Music has been called the art of expressing emotions through sounds, which, as I said, the most important factors are sound and rhythm. 

And what is pop music? 

Pop music is a popular style of music. And is usually contrasted with and distinct from classical and folk music. 

Persian pop music was born in the 19th century during the Qajar dynasty and expanded after radio innovation. 

The Iranian music market was in the hands of Iranian classical music singers before the 1950s. Ahmad Ashourpour was known as the father of Iranian pop music. 

Iranian pop music was transformed by the rise and fall of artists such as Viguen, known as the king of Iranian jazz and the king of Iranian pop, and the use of Western musical instruments and techniques. Viguenwas the first artist to play the guitar in Iranian music and his first song, “Mahtab” (in English: moonlight), was the beginning of a change in Iranian music. 

But after the 1979 revolution, music in all genres faded, and to some extent, the music disappeared and all singers before the revolution immigrated to the United States. But after the eight-year war with Iraq, it reappeared with an approach separate from Iranian music abroad. And later a young singer named “Shadmehr Aghili”, singer, composer, arranger, musician, songwriter, music producer, and Iranian actor, made pop music brilliant and caused many pop singers to be licensed, and now this issue is very is normalized. 

Iranian pop is good, but it could be better. And this is my opinion. Iran makes all songs look alike because it is not strict in its copyright laws. As well as other problems. 

But for success, there should be no excuse that the country’s music is ruined and I can’t succeed, you have to work hard to succeed. 

I advise my peers not to be afraid of anything in their path to success and to be completely self-confident and I say that the only impossible thing is impossible, so we conclude that whoever wants, can succeed.

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