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Modeling and acting: Interview with model Markdabeast1

Modeling and acting: Interview with model Markdabeast1

Mark White known by nickname Markdabeast1 is a modelInfluencer, and actor from Sacramento, California who has been taking social media by storm. He has appeared in films as an extra in Bushwick 2017 and Mario van peebles film Armed 2018. He was also sponsored to Florida based nutrition company Bpi Sports and Optimum nutrition.

Markdabeast1 adores freelance modeling jobs, and he also partakes in various styles of photography, which he discusses with his fans via social media on numerous post.

Modeling, influencing, and acting highlights

Alexander Tamargo (AT): You have a passion for modeling, acting, and influencing, which one do you take pride in the most ?

Mark White (MW): Honestly I take deep pride into everything I do. Modeling I can say is mostly my favorite, Iʼve always wanted to model ever since I was a kid. I had my first professional modeling experience in 2015 when I stood in front of 10 photographers participating in a project called , “Sac after dark”. I was very nervous as I didnʼt know what to do cause it was my first project and to be done in front of so many photographers was a crazy experience for me. I was excited after seeing my images and getting good feedback from family and friends about how well

I looked in my photos . Thatʼs what encouraged me even more to pursue a career in modeling.

AT: You were born and raised in Sacramento, California what opened the gates for you ?

MW: The gates were opened for me when a local photographer seen my athleticism. He encouraged that I should start taking photos and posting them onto social media. He then told me that him and a group of photographers would be shooting photos downtown, and that I should come by to participate in the project. I took the opportunity and connected with other talents who were already pursuing their modeling career.

AT: You have acted in some popular films, which one did you have most fun participating in ?

MW: I had fun working in all films I played in and very blessed to have had the opportunity. The one that I had the most fun in was when I got to work with Dave Bautista in the film Bushwick; Thatʼs the one that got my feet wet in the acting industry.

AT: What type of modeling do you like to do ?

AT: You have a bright future ahead of you, what is your next biggest move ?

MW: Im taking one step at a time , but my biggest move is to leave my hometown and relocate to hollywood for better career opportunities.

AT: What was one of your favorite roles you played in a film?

MW: My favorite was when I played as a police officer in the film “Armed” by Mario Van Peebles. I always wanted to be a police officer in reality but never actually pursue my law enforcement career instead I wanted to be on the big screen. When I got accepted for the role I was very excited I felt like I was going to be an actual cop fighting crime but it was only me acting.

AT: Is there any advice that you want to give to upcoming models and actors?
MW: No matter how hard if you strive for it your gonna make it happen!

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