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Mohit Verma: Carving his name not only as a techie but also as a social media influencer

Mohit Verma: Carving his name not only as a techie but also as a social media influencer

At the age of 23 when others still are getting out of their study & exam fevers, Mohit Verma already established himself with being not just a mechanical engineer but also a digital marketer, influencer & blogger. Now, that sounds quite surprising but, it is quite delighting too looking at the level at which this young lad impacts people all around, especially the younger brigade.

Mohit is definitely a person youngsters should look forward to when it comes to getting clarity in mind of what one needs to do in order to make the best out of what one has on his/her platter & even to take risks to get into the field of their choice & make a name for themselves.

This gizmo freak standing 5’10” tall & at only 23 without gaining any formal education in the field of fashion designing & digital marketing became a businessman by initiating his company named ‘The Techgram‘ – his own blogging website. He writes concerning all topics – tech including apps reviews, best mobile devices, news about the latest gadgets, various tech product reviews & story of the tech world.

Out of all social media platforms, his favourite remains Instagram, where he gets the platform to showcase his fashion sense & styles that he curates & also his love for travelling. You can even check his profile – @itz_mohit_verma

Even as a student, Mohit always was an excited participant in his college fests & actively took part in Tech sessions. He won almost all of the Robotics competitions for four years in DTU, IIT, BITS Pilani.

While managing his job at Buzzone as an Assistant Manager (Operations), which is a digital marketing firm, with an experience of around two years already, Mohit also excitingly takes out time for his blogging which he does before & after office hours. And, on weekends, he creates content for his social media platforms.

This self-learnt man who had no prior schooling on writing blogs, styling or photography is an internet rage today with his followers increasing each passing day & gaining a whole new level of a fan base for himself.

While studying for engineering, Mohit started writing blogs as per his interest and now became a full-time blogger & rightly so, because he proved that passion can be transformed into a full-blown profession & anybody who aspires to do something & makes up their mind for it can achieve it. 

Lastly, to all his followers & readers, he would also like to spread on the message to keep their dreams alive. To instil in oneself the faith, belief, vision & the hard work, dedication & determination for achieving anything. He also assures people that anything is possible for those who believe.

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