Most renowned real estate developer of Dubai – Syed Fazal Ali

Most renowned real estate developer of Dubai – Syed Fazal Ali

In the real estate sector, Syed Fazal Ali is a well-known name. At a very young age, he had a vision of doing something significant. He is now among the most prosperous business people in the sector thanks to his dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

Syed started working in this sector thirteen years ago. It was a difficult period since he had to make it through in a new place with few resources and no planning for the difficulties that lay ahead. But as he progressed towards success, he was always prepared to take on fresh challenges and relish them. His self vision and determination inspired him to pursue this career in spite of the hardships. He recognised the potential of the real estate sector to realize his aspirations of achieving greatness.

His long-term goals are to establish himself as a global name in the real estate services industry with the most qualified team of real estate professionals and a customer-focused, morally upright workplace culture. To succeed in this industry, he advises newcomers and start-ups to join his team, where goals and his principles are the foundation for achievement.

Syed Fazal’s personal story of overcoming challenges is an inspiration to the youth. He recognises the difficulties of beginning from scratch and dealing with adversity. Syed Fazal Ali has recently been awarded as Iconic Real Estate Consultant of the Year in Dubai. Although he originally belongs to Hyderabad, he has worked in Tokyo, India and Dubai.

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