Motivational speaker Juan Pablo on helping people lead more fulfilling lives

Motivational speaker Juan Pablo on helping people lead more fulfilling lives

With more than two decades of inspiring people, JuanPa has transformed the lives of millions online through his teachings, making them realize their truest potentials and purpose in life.

People go through many things in life and have experiences that can change them forever. Juan Pa went through many challenging situations and struggles and finally came out as a winner. He believes that at the end of the day, what truly defines a person is “whether they become a better version of themself.”

Juan Pa is a transformational leader, life coach, healer who has impacted scores of lives around the world by saying “bringing people back to their natural state of bliss, abundance and harmony.”

JuanPa is a multi-skilled personality, an international speaker and a transformational leader, who teaches what he calls “abundance in life.” It is his mission in life with his brand ‘JuanPa Global’, to make people understand their true potential and hence, realize their real purpose in life.

He is the director and founder of Kawoq Conscious Living School, where life-changing programs, online and live events are organized to help people become more conscious of their way of life, making them learn about many things like health, nutrition, wellness, breathwork, healing and much more.

JuanPa believes that people must not only focus on their physical needs but on their mental needs. He believes this is what holds many people back, “not understanding the connection between the body and the brain.”

To provide people achieve this state of what he calls “optimum health and wellness,” JuanPa has come up with a new program called “Burn Shred Rise.” The program is aimed at educating that true health is about building a relationship with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit so that one can access what JuanPa calls “the divine health that is their natural state.”

Burn Shred Rise will take people on a powerful journey in a group setting, where students work on their mindset, holistic nutrition, group coaching, along with exploring biohacking methodologies, breathwork, embodiment techniques, quantum physics, neuroscience, quantum flow fitness, detox, and neuroplasticity.

JuanPa, with his new program, takes a holistic approach to incorporate the multidimensional faucets of being human. His program emphasizes the physical body, emotions, and mindset.

JuanPa says “how these connect with each other, where every thought affects the overall health of a person can’t be underestimated.”

Burn Shred Rise gives a complete holistic experience that revolves around these relationships so that people can learn to communicate and listen to their physical body, lose weight, and cultivate a success mindset, feel and look better and achieve sustainable results.

JuanPa is a well-renowned visionary, speaker, whose powerful messages regarding love for oneself and others are now available in both online and offline formats.

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