MWC2024: The way Smartphones are used is being Changed by AI

MWC2024: The way Smartphones are used is being Changed by AI

This year’s Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, is centered around artificial intelligence. With a whole new range of customizable features that significantly enhance the user experience, phone manufacturers are bringing this revolution to their products.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way humans interact with technology and with each other, redefining the lines that separate the real and digital worlds.

Reporter Cristina Giner was on the ground at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to learn how mobile developers are incorporating AI into their products to customize the user experience and improve the usability and intuitiveness of smartphones.

Eye-tracking technology, which enables phone control without touching the screen, is one such innovation from mobile phone manufacturer HONOR.

Cristina meets with industry professionals in this Sci-Tech episode to talk about the advantages of AI for connectivity and the significance of fostering user privacy while maintaining AI trust. Join her at Mobile World Congress as she unveils the technology of the future by watching the video above.

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