Mystery Realme 12 Lite has been Leaked and will be Available Soon

Mystery Realme 12 Lite has been Leaked and will be Available Soon

Realme is getting ready to expand its well-liked 12 series with a new gadget. The Realme 12 Pro and Pro+ are two models in this series that have excellent curved displays, elegant designs, and powerful camera sensors. Now that it’s part of the lineup, the Realme 12 Lite is being compared to the Realme C67 because they have the same model number.

Hold on, the Realme 12 Lite is on its way

Even though the Realme 12 Lite’s existence was initially unknown, it is obvious that certain aspects of its features will be similar to those of the Realme C67. With modifications to high-end features and a decrease in processing power, the Lite version seeks to appeal to the lower price point. The Realme 12 Lite is anticipated to continue providing a budget-friendly package even with these modifications.

The Realme 12 Lite appears to be a rebranded Realme C67, as confirmed by the GSMChina team, based on the model number “RMX3890” that was discovered in the IMEI database. It is anticipated that the two smartphones will have the same specs. Benefiting from the favorable reception of the Realme 12 series, Realme is anticipated to unveil the 12 Lite soon, though the official launch date has not yet been announced.

Rumored specifications for the Realme 12 Lite include a 33W fast charging capability, a Snapdragon 685 processor, and an amazing 108MP camera setup that is similar to the Realme C67. While specific design elements are still unknown, it is anticipated that the gadget will have a distinct aesthetic from its predecessor.

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