NASA ups the chances of Bennu space rock Striking Earth

NASA ups the chances of Bennu space rock Striking Earth

A NASA scientist said Wednesday that the likelihood of the Bennu space rock hitting Earth inside the following century or two has increased.

However, Davide Farnocchia stressed on that Earthlings shouldn’t be excessively worried.

Scientists previously said that the odds that Bennu would strike the Earth into 2200 was one-in-2,700, however those figures were changed in accordance with one-in-1,750 into the year 2300, TheAssociated Press reported.

Farnocchia works with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in southern California and told journalists that the Osiris-Rex space apparatus, which arrived on Bennu in 2018 to gather tests, has given them a superior thought of the space rock’s future orbital way, as indicated by the the wire service.

The spacecraft is worried to show up back to Earth in 2023.

“We shouldn’t be worried about it too much,”Farnocchia said, who was the lead creator of the findings, which were published in the Icarus diary.

Scientists say that Bennu will get inside closeness of the planet by 2135.

Scientists said that the Earth’s gravity could affect Bennu’s circle and make an impact with the planet in the following two centuries. Notwithstanding, they said that dependent on the information from Osiris-Rex space apparatus, the odds of gravity meddling with its direction are slimmer at this point.

Planetary guard official for NASA, Lindley Johnson, anticipated that if the Earth was struck by the space rock, the measure of area destroyed would rise to the space rock’s size 100 overlay, as indicated by the AP.

In the event that the space rock hit the East Coast of the U.S., it “would pretty much devastate things up and down the coast,” Johnson added.

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