Nashali Guzman, rising as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, fashion model and influencer.

Nashali Guzman, rising as an entrepreneur, real estate investor, fashion model and influencer.

Having the vision to attain a particular goal in life is one thing, but to grind each day, face challenges, do the difficult, learn every day and walk persistently on one’s path to turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. To belong to the latter category, people need to surrender themselves to their dreams and, without any fear surrounding their minds and hearts, must work with relentless drive and passion to fulfil all their dreams.

Doing that and much more since years across fields is a Puerto Rican beauty and an immensely talented mind named Nashali Mynette Guzman, who believed in herself and so went ahead in stunning the world with her successes.

Nashali Mynette Guzman may seem like any other success story in the world, but she is definitely more than being just that. Starting work at a very young had her face many challenges as well, but it was her hope and her strong self-belief that helped her keep moving her path ahead. Keeping this positive attitude always within, Nashali Mynette Guzman, after high school, joined the US Army to serve her country for four years. The Lancaster, Pennsylvania-born and Orlando Florida-raised girl as a child would love gymnastics and cheerleading.

After retiring from the Army, she dedicated her time to social media, and after realizing the umpteen number of opportunities she could explore and optimize, she jumped into it fully to emerge as a true-blue social media influencer. As a fashion and influencer today, Nashali Mynette Guzman has worked with some notable global brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing and since then has never looked back. She is currently engaged to NFL player Avery Williamson, with whom she shares a child named after him.

Nashali Mynette Guzman (@nashaliblu) has shown her excellence in front of the camera as well by being a part of music videos of Latin superstars Anuel, Ozuna, and Lunay, among others. She is excited about all the work she now plans to do in the near future to up her game in her endeavours.

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