New Album and Clip “Way Of Love”

New Album and Clip “Way Of Love”

The artist Hassan Composeur lived his dreams as an artist in Morocco, his native country.

His music is introspective and imaginative, captivating the audience as soon as they lean on the notes.

In his new song ” Enti zemani ” you are my time, ” he talks about his thoughts and his inhibitions as an artist in full love for his partner.

As a child, Hassan Composer grew up rapidly in Casablanca, helping to nurture his musical talent from an early age.

This made him a musically independent person, marked by his creativity in solo Casablanca at the age of 22.

It was there that he began to write and put together words for what was soon to become his musical style.

After recording and uploading his debut song “Nostalgie” Hassan Composer is ready to release another record at any time.

He works tirelessly in France to create new music and connect with other artists in the region.

Listen to “Way Of Love” on Spotify below and follow Hassan Composer on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on new music


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