New pictures and a clone of the Pixel 8’s Magic Eraser can be seen in the most recent Galaxy S24 leaks

New pictures and a clone of the Pixel 8’s Magic Eraser can be seen in the most recent Galaxy S24 leaks

More information is becoming available as the Galaxy S24 series announcement event from Samsung draws near. New, high-quality photos and information on several important AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series—including a Pixel 8 clone of Google’s Magic Eraser tool—have surfaced in the most recent round of rumors.

released what looks to be a sample from promotional materials highlighting a number of the Galaxy S24 series’ salient features today. This includes the previously disclosed Live Translate function, which interprets phone calls using artificial intelligence.

Additionally, there is “Nightography Zoom,” which improves close-up shots in low light. Even while Samsung has telephoto lenses in its camera lineup, these aren’t always employed in low light, so artificial intelligence (AI) enhancement could help there. Another example for not employing AI is “High Resolution,” which only refers to the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 200MP primary camera, while “Screen Display”—we believe this is incomplete language—describes the “brighter, flatter screen” that “gives you more room to do what you love.”

The “Generative Edit” option, however, may be the most intriguing detail here. Samsung says this about the feature: Does this sound familiar? This sounds a lot like Google’s Magic Eraser for the Pixel 8 series, which also requires an internet connection and a backup of Google Photos. Of course, there may be some changes. It’s intriguing that Samsung requires an internet connection for this capability even though the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has much superior on-device AI capabilities than Google’s Tensor processors. Interestingly, it is mentioned in the leaked materials that all three Galaxy S24 smartphones would offer the feature.

High-quality pictures of the Galaxy S24 series were also leaked earlier in the day by the same leaker. Although Digital Trends was able to obtain copies of the photographs prior to their deletion, the images were removed nearly instantly.

According to earlier reports, Samsung’s launch event is scheduled for January 17. The date was briefly confirmed on a recent Samsung website before the company removed the information.

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