Nika Falahi Has Become An International Music Sensation With Her Magical Voice

One of the ways that we tend to relax is through listening to Music. Good music and lyrics can mend worries and heal the soul. One emerging artist that realized this fact is Nika Falahi!

Nika Falahi is an upcoming artist who has amassed a massive fan following online through her soulful music and buzz-worthy songs. She started out in the industry at a young age and has quickly come to be known as the girl with a melodious voice amongst the fans.

Born in 2002, Nika Falahi was introduced to the world of music in her early teens. She took active interest in listening to music artists of all genres, curating her own songs, and singing them out loud to her family members.

Nika Falahi was a special kid right from the start. Her participation in high school dramas and decision to build a career in art & theater contributed significantly towards her shift to Music. Her songs are loved by the fans worldwide today.

She has released songs like Entezar, Party Summer, Mehmooni, and Tear that have raked in millions of listeners on YouTube and Spotify. Her magical voice in all the songs mesmerizes the listeners and leaves them wanting more. Nika’s voice is nothing short of magical.

She started out in the music industry by posting cover songs on her Instagram handle. Once an unknown & lost little girl who dreamt of being a musician, influencer, and artist is today thriving in the industry, having amassed 3.7 million followers on Instagram and 150k+ subscribers on YouTube.

Nika Falahi was recently given the YouTube Silver Play Button for crossing 150,000 subscribers in less than a year. She is also active on TikTok where she has 1 Million followers.

Apart from music, Nika Falehi also engages with her fans via YouTube vlogs, Q&A videos, and more. Her Spotify account is a goldmine of soul-touching and soothing music. 

Nika Falehi is currently working on many projects and aims to deliver the best quality music to her fans in the days to come. To keep up with the latest songs of Nika, follow her on Instagram

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