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Nurali Aliyev and the Snow Leopard Foundation

Nurali Aliyev and the Snow Leopard Foundation

Nurali Aliyev is a businessman and philanthropist from Kazakhstan who is passionate about protecting the endangered snow leopard species. He is the founder and president of the Snow Leopard Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving the species.

Aliyev was born in Kazakhstan in 1985. He grew up in a family with a strong commitment to environmental issues and was exposed to the beauty of the natural world from a young age. This inspired him to become an advocate for the environment and animals, particularly snow leopards.

In 2018, Aliyev established the Snow Leopard Foundation to protect the species and the habitat. The foundation works to raise awareness of the species’ plight and to develop and implement conservation strategies. It also works to reduce human-wildlife conflict to ensure the safety of the snow leopards and their habitat.

The foundation works with various stakeholders, including government agencies, conservation organizations, and local communities. Aliyev is personally involved in all aspects of the foundation’s work, from fundraising to strategy development. He also frequently visits the snow leopard habitats to observe and document the animals in their natural environment.

Nurali Aliyev has worked with several partners to fund the foundation’s work, including the government of Kazakhstan, international donors, and the private sector. He has also organized several successful fundraising campaigns. These have enabled the foundation to purchase and lease land for snow leopard protection and to develop and implement conservation projects.

In addition to his work with the Snow Leopard Foundation, Aliyev has also been involved in numerous other environmental initiatives. These include his involvement in the United Nations Environment Programme and his participation in the Global Tiger Initiative, which aims to double the number of wild tigers worldwide.

Aliyev’s dedication to protecting snow leopards and their habitat is admirable. His tireless work has enabled the foundation to make significant progress in its mission of conserving snow leopards and their habitat. The foundation’s work has been recognized by many organizations, including the United Nations Environment Programme and the Global Tiger Initiative.

Aliyev’s passion for the conservation of snow leopards is an inspiration to us all. He exemplifies how dedication and hard work can make a difference in protecting the environment, the beautiful species we share this planet with and their habitats.

In addition to his commitment to snow leopards, Nurali Aliyev is an entrepreneur and investor. He holds shares in Capital Holding JSC with 25 diversified companies under their umbrella of management spanning several industries. Additionally, he founded Capital Holding LLC and is a shareholder in this company as well. Capital Holding LLC provides IT services through 12 subsidiaries in the corporate sector. Their services include enterprise software solutions, enterprise business processes, enterprise cloud solutions, big data, data centers, hardware and software production, hardware distribution, and fiber optic production and installation. Aliyev also holds shares in one of the largest communications providers in Kazakhstan, Transtelecom JSC, which specializes in a vast array of telecommunication services.

Snow leopards are not known to be aggressive towards humans and are found in the mountainous regions of central Asia. The Snow leopard Foundation aims to protect these animals from poachers who hunt wild goats and sheep. These animals are the snow leopard’s main prey species, and if their prey diminishes, so does the snow leopard. Furthermore, herders often kill snow leopards for eating from their herd. Also, mining and large-scale development is destroying the habitat and ecosystem in which snow leopards thrive. Climate change has increased the temperature of the Tibetan plateau region, where over half the population lives, by 3 degrees over the last two decades. Because the species is on the endangered list, they are protected by all 12 countries in which they are native. However, it is difficult to police the remote areas where they are found, and thus, hundreds are killed yearly and sold for their fur, organs, teeth, and bones.

Aliyev’s distinguished background and well-established career make him a powerful spokesperson for the snow leopard. He and his wife are able to supply the Snow Leopard Foundation with a portion of the financial assistance it needs. These funds go towards sustaining the fragile lives of the remaining 5,000 to 7,000 snow leopards living in the world.

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