October: iPhone Takes Lead in China’s Smartphone Market

October: iPhone Takes Lead in China’s Smartphone Market

According to a recent analysis, Apple’s iPhone models continue to lead sales charts in China, even in the face of fierce local competition. Unexpectedly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which holds a 5% market share, emerged as China’s best-selling smartphone for October. This indicates that Chinese consumers are still in the market for Apple’s high-end products.

The success of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in October was shared by two other iPhone models, who also took places in the top five. With a 4% market share, the iPhone 15 Pro came in third, and the regular iPhone 15 came in fifth.

Interestingly, despite a notable year-over-year growth, the highly anticipated Huawei Mate 60 Pro—which is powered by an in-house 5G chip—came in second place.

Once on course to become the leading global smartphone vendor, Huawei experienced difficulties as a result of US sanctions that limited its access to vital supply chains and technologies.

Nonetheless, there are rumors that Huawei’s shipments could see a rebound, with estimates of up to 100 million units this year.

The Honor X50, a product from Huawei’s previous sub-brand Honor, which came in fourth place with a 3% market share, completed the list of the top five.

It appears that the conflict between local brands’ inventiveness and the enduring appeal of well-known foreign devices—particularly those made by Apple—continues to have a major impact on China’s competitive landscape.

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