Offering faith-driven and meaningful music, make way for Mychael Wright, aka WRYT

Offering faith-driven and meaningful music, make way for Mychael Wright, aka WRYT

The contemporary Christian artist who writes and creates songs now releases his socially conscious singles “Ivory Tower” and “Milk & Honey.”

We have long heard about people and professionals making their mark in their respective industries and careers. However, have all among them gone ahead in creating their unique niche? Well, the world has witnessed the rise and fall of many such professionals across industries worldwide, but a few of them still have managed to stand tall and unique from the rest for reasons more than one. This has what allowed these rare gems to create a unique niche for themselves. Especially in the music world, very few have been able to make it huge, and among them, one name that has been making a lot of buzz around his two new socially conscious singles, “Ivory Tower” and “Milk & Honey,” is Mychael Wright, aka WRYT.

He is a rising contemporary Christian artist from Washington DC who has fused grunge-inspired guitars with incisive social consciousness on his above-mentioned debut singles. In 2016, WRYT was a church worship leader and now pursuing a career in music. He had released his worship-oriented EP Grace as part of the male-female duo The Lovely Vine. He is the one who, as a singer and songwriter, has a faith-driven passion for creating music and standing for the oppressed, and boldly confronting the injustice against them.

His two debut singles act as incisive anthems as a single EP that reflects grunge-guitar-driven rock sensibilities. He has co-produced the songs with Gabriel Solomon Wilson, a top producer in the CCM world. Speaking on his single Ivory Tower, he says he penned the song while living in Pentagon City, near Arlington, VA facing major depression. After experiencing disappointment in where his country was headed, WRYT started writing lyrics highlighting political corruption and injustice to the marginalized communities.

The African American talent on Milk & Honey says that it is a much moodier and hypnotic track, which reflects on racial injustice, saying, “It is a love letter to my family and an examination of reality that many marginalized groups face daily.”

The songwriter and singer says that he is glad through music; he has a platform where his voice can be heard and encourages other artists to use the same to educate people and create a dialogue. He says that if he touches even one person with his songs and helps them overcome depression, he would think of it as a real success.


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