OnePlus prods secretive Double Screen Telephone in front of Galaxy Z Fold 3 launch

OnePlus prods secretive Double Screen Telephone in front of Galaxy Z Fold 3 launch

OnePlus has something at its disposal. In front of Samsung’s foldable-centered Galaxy Unpacked occasion tomorrow, OnePlus has taken to its online media to some sort of folding device.

At first glance, appears OnePlus could be getting ready to dispatch a foldable to challenge the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, yet a more intensive look will show that the gadget seems to have a hole in the center. Hence, we’re likely taking a gander at two cell phones or a least a dual-screen device.

Assuming the gadget is real, it doesn’t give off an impression of being anything similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo, which has almost no space between the two showcases. Truth be told, it looks more like OnePlus’ interpretation of LG telephones like the LG Velvet, which dispatched with a different double screen embellishment. That could highlight an embellishment dispatch rather than an all out double screen cell phone, yet we’ll need to sit back and see at tomorrow’s launch.

Of course, the other option is that it’s simply a joke to prod Samsung and remove a portion of the consideration from its foldable dispatch. The telephone shows a world themed foundation, and the OnePlus “dispatch” is set for August 11 at 10 a.m. ET, a similar time as Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked occasion. Despite what it is, we’ve connected with discover what it is that OnePlus is arranging, representative declined to comment.

We’ll simply need to look out for whatever OnePlus has concocted while we check out watch Samsung acquaint the replacements with the best foldable phones.

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