Online Marketing = Freedom for Humza Lokhandwala

Online Marketing = Freedom for Humza Lokhandwala

Digital universe has surely opened doors of convenience. A lot of things now happen in one’s comfort zone. There is no more standing in queue for booking movie tickets or for completing bank work. Almost everything is now available at your doorstep with just one touch. Sellers and buyers both are finding online transactions easy, flexible and convenient. Today this zone is so vast in itself where millions of people are investing their time and money to procure the best results. Today there are so many courses available that help you be competent in handling digital information and also help you to earn rewards by helping others. Humza Lokhandwala, a man from Surat, India, was well aware of the scope of growth in this field. After having faced severe hardships in the past, he wanted to explore online marketing and thus made a wise investment.

Humza Lokhandwala thinks that online marketing is an ideal fit for him. You don’t have to be under a typical office environment and hammer away to secure better positions. When you are handling this all on your own, you don’t have to report to anyone or work in a very directory atmosphere where you are bound to follow rules and regulations blocking your creativity and making you restricted to explore new experiences. With online marketing, you can almost work anywhere and anytime you feel like. It gives you that flexibility where you can make your work portable. He realised that this freedom of working with who he wants, when he wants and where he wants is possible through online money.

He had a keen desire to make something of his own. He had so many people coming to him telling him that this won’t work. He chose to stick to this field to prove to his parents and the society that this is the future. He wanted to get away from the stereotypical nature of work that society thinks is right. Humza Lokhandwala wanted to change the perception that it’s not wrong at all to work at your own flexibility, rather it’s a much more sensible thing to do than slog under someone for hours together.

More than wanting to show the world, he wanted to show himself that this is his thing. He was initially being a delusional optimist so it was very crucial for him to let his idea come to fruition for him to go from delusional to radical optimist.

There are challenges in this field as well but it’s still much more liberating and permissive to

new variations. Humza Lokhandwala was not only successful in being able to prove the people

around and make them realise that what he was doing was right but also make his belief

stronger in himself.  Everything takes time but doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Today, Humza

Lokhandwala earns a good revenue out of this system and we wish him all the luck to get all

that he wishes for himself.

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