Oxy Pure: Portable oxygen canister by Manhar Vij and Gaurav Chaudhary for high altitudes, professional and amateur athletes and senior citizens.

Oxy Pure: Portable oxygen canister by Manhar Vij and Gaurav Chaudhary for high altitudes, professional and amateur athletes and senior citizens.

There are times when we are not able to breathe in oxygen naturally and that’s where Oxy Pure comes into play. Oxy Pure offers oxygen in the stylish lightweight canister which helps in restoring the level of oxygen in the blood. Our body needs oxygen to perform various functions of the organs. When there is the simultaneous use of oxygen, the level of oxygen in the bloodstream becomes low and depleted. This gives way to certain consequences such as cardiac arrest in case of people with weaker heart and lung, low level of energy, and stamina which disable an individual to perform her/his activity productively. In order to make sure that there is enough supply of oxygen in the blood bloodstream, PURE offers portable oxygen bottles. It helps in restoring the oxygen level in the bloodstream. This, in turn, helps the body in producing enough energy and stamina to perform certain important activities. It is helpful for individuals who are sports enthusiasts who need lots of energy for their elite sports activities. It provides them extra oxygen to recover quickly and allowing to train and then exercise again. For people in oxygen therapy, it helps in decreasing shortness of breath and fatigue.

Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is responsible for 90% of the brain and body functions.OXYPURE instantly increases the oxygen levels in the body and helps restore the brain and body functions to normal. By inhaling just 3 to 5 short bursts, OXPURE helps to recover from conditions resulting in low oxygen levels in the body. OXYPURE Oxygen can contain 12 Litre of 99% Pure Oxygen.

Oxy pure has many benefits such as it provides immediate relief as a first aid during emergency situations. It helps to recover from breathlessness caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc. It instantly helps to regain energy, freshness, and mental focus after long working hours, sleepless nights, and hangovers. It is very useful if someone is suffering from lung disorders or respiratory diseases including asthma, COPD, etc. It improves breathing and recovery during fitness workouts, increases athletic sports performance, and increases protein absorption in the body.

OXY PURE can be used in various different places and situations such as:

  • DURING WORKOUTS: Intense exercise requires more oxygen, which renders the cells, generating energy, and aiding muscle recovery. Sportspeople like elite athletes and professional soccer players have been using supplemental oxygen to restore depleted blood-oxygen levels and recover from muscle fatigue. Anaerobic exercise and workouts that produce high levels of lactic acid are the most responsive to supplemental oxygen. Oxy Pure gives the ability to supplement your body with enriched oxygen, improving cognitive performance – including memory and reaction time.
  • ON HIGH ALTITUDES: Energizing oxygen helps to elevate and recover in a healthy and safe manner when at a higher altitude. During trekking, pilgrimage, hiking, or biking at a higher elevation, breathing Oxy Charge in the start, in between, and at the end of the day instantly helps offset the negative effects of high elevation. Even outdoor and sports enthusiasts use the compatible Oxy Pure to boost and maximize their mountaintop experience. It could rightly be said “Bye-Bye Altitude Dizziness!”
  • AIR POLLUTION: Pollution lowers the oxygen level. Carbon monoxide enters the bloodstream through the lungs and binds to hemoglobin, the substance in the blood that carries to cells. It reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the body’s organs and tissues causing cancer. In these cases, Oxy Pure helps to reverse the aging of human cells, relieves headaches, and alleviates tiredness. It strengthens the immune system and supports it.

OXYPURE’s portable medical oxygen cans are the best first aid available which should be kept in every home where someone is likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke. It is also useful to aid patients with chronic asthma, allergy, smoke inhalation, etc. Portable oxygen can provide critical assistance while medical help is one way and thus can save precious lives.

They can have got many advantages over an oxygen concentrator or a cylinder as they are bulky and are difficult to carry around. Our can is easy to carry around enabling people suffering respiratory problems to go wherever they want. OXYPURE’s best-canned oxygen enables you to live a full life.

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