Paula Velasquez Melts Hearts in ‘This is Water’

Paula Velasquez Melts Hearts in ‘This is Water’

We caught up with actress Paula Velasquez to chat all things, ‘This Is Water.’ The highly anticipated feature film, written and directed by Matthew Colston, follows five film students who stumble through their final year of film school as they struggle to grow as individuals while not growing apart as friends.

Welcome to Verna! Congratulations on all your incredible successes so far in Hollywood. Can you explain the movie in your own words?

Yes! The movie is about college students that are going through their own personal struggles but throughout the film they connect with each other and help each other face their struggles together.

Matthew Colston wrote and directed a fun script. What was the inspiration behind the film?

Matt is a fantastic director, and it was such a pleasure working with him. The inspiration behind this film is David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech, that addressed the graduating class at Kenyon College. His parable of the Fish story was a huge inspiration on this film. Also, another inspiration was the quarter life crisis and how at that age we are all so fearful and have so many mixed emotions of the life we are living and how overwhelming it can be. Matt does an amazing job explaining this on his film, he really nails his ideas and vision really clear. 

What do you hope people take away from the film?

I hope people understand that at this age, we all go through so much and it is okay. It is okay to open up about your problems, feelings, etc. That friends are going to be there for you no matter what and it is okay to search and ask for help sometimes. You are not alone, you will never be.

What are some of your favorite genres of film / TV show to work on?

My favorite genre is definitely psychological thrillers. I think it is so challenging and it helps you so much as an artist to think outside the box and explore so many different things that you would have never thought of exploring. It makes you analyze yourself, the character and just people with other eyes and it brings you an awareness that not a lot of people can achieve.

What were some of the highs and lows for you of making movies?

Definitely filming is all about highs, you have the adrenaline right there and it feels so good to embody somebody else, to put all of those feelings, emotions, thoughts into a character and bring them to life is one of the most insane and beautiful feelings ever. Going through all the process and preparation of developing a character and their environment is mind blowing. Definitely the lows are when you finish the movie, the after math of filming, once you have to get back to you and leave the character you were portraying it makes you feel like you are losing something, but definitely a lot of things stay with you.

What advice can you give other actors trying to break into Hollywood?

Do not let anyone discourage you from pursuing your dreams. It is so easy for people to just sabotage other people’s dreams. If you love what you do and you work hard there is nothing that can stop, you from going where you want to go. Believe in yourself and your talent, you can do anything you set up your mind to.

How can people follow your journey?

Everyone can check out my social media pages @pauvelaasquez and also on IMDb.

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