PlayStation 5 Pro Specifications Include 8-core Zen2 CPU at 3.85 GHz and RDNA4 Ray Tracing Engine

PlayStation 5 Pro Specifications Include 8-core Zen2 CPU at 3.85 GHz and RDNA4 Ray Tracing Engine

Code-named “Trinity,” Sony is set to release the PlayStation 5 Pro in the fall of 2024. The most recent rumors have provided a wealth of information regarding the graphics capabilities and Sony’s super-resolution technology concept.

The APU in the new console does, in fact, have the same eight-core processors as the current model, although it is reportedly a little bit faster, according to Insider Gaming. Using a feature known as “High CPU Frequency Mode,” this AMD Zen2 CPU can now reach 3.85 GHz of boost.

Comparing the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro to the PS5

  • APU: Viola
  • CPU: 8 Zen2 cores up to 3.85 GHz (+10%)
  • GPU: 60CU RDNA3 (+67%)
  • MEMORY: 16GB GDDR6 18 Gbps (+28%)
  • AUDIO: Faster ACV (35%)

The website restates the GPU’s leaked specifications, indicating a significant upgrade. According to recent reports, the GPU will primarily use the RDNA3 architecture, providing 2-3 times faster ray tracing and up to 45% faster rendering performance. According to reports, the GPU combines 60 RDNA3 CPUs, which have a maximum clock speed of 2.18 GHz.

The PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution) temporal upscaling technology, which is anticipated to support 8K resolution in a future SDK update, will be powered by the GPU. SDK 9.0 is currently installed on the PS5 Pro development kits, but 10 should be available prior to the console’s launch.

According to Insider Gaming, BVH8 traversal shaders will be utilized by the integrated graphics processor. This is an 8-level bounding volume hierarchy for ray tracing, as opposed to the current PS5 APU’s 4-level hierarchy on the RDNA2 GPU. According to Kepler, who was among the first to identify the Viola APU and verify that the PS5Pro will continue to use Zen2 architecture, BVH8 is a feature connected to RDNA4 RT architecture. As a result, the PS5 Pro GPU could be described as a hybrid of RDNA3 and RDNA4 features.

It is anticipated that the new PlayStation 5 Pro will be “as competitive as possible.” In addition, it will come with a detachable disc drive and default storage of 1TB. Although some people think it should launch in November, the system is currently scheduled for release in the fall of 2024.

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