Power Sportz woes continue; faces a software crash

Power Sportz woes continue; faces a software crash

The news that Power Sportz is testing a breakthrough technology in live global streaming of matches without a satellite framework, is spreading far and wide. And many players in the sports broadcasting space are keenly following the developments of Power Sportz’ Beta Testing.  

The channel has a history of legal issues with sports broadcasters, during the 2019 World Cup the Court restrained broadcasters from interfering in the World Cup coverage by Power Sportz. However, the channel came out with flying colors then. The story seems to be taking an uncomfortable turn this time.

Power Sportz faced a challenge yesterday – there was a delay in the pickup of feed for the Amazon Fire TV playout and the Founder & Editor-in-Chief Ms Kanthi D Suresh immediately refused to go with it.. 

It seems Beta version testing is testing the entire Power Sportz team. After the technical snag in the uplinking speed on the Amazon fire TV platform, which apparently got resolved, another issue threw up  and this time the software seems to be unable to handle a streaming quality beyond 30 minutes.

Kanthi D Suresh has been involved in this very closely in this project. Undoubtedly, a 30 minute stream won’t be doing any justice to any live match coverage, as there is no match in the world that gets over within 30 minutes

According to an insider, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh was visibly disturbed at the developments and has called for an emergency meeting with all the vendors on Thursday evening. 

There is a huge difference between live match streaming and live news reporting. Moreover, the demands for the live match is far higher than the latter. Probably, Ms. Kanthi, with a non-technical background couldn’t give the right direction to the technical team.

But, it doesnt seem like  Kanthi D Suresh is likely to stop her tempo and pace here, and all other things seem to be put on the back burner, at the moment 

There is no information about Power News, but what we hear is that Talking Turkey with Kanthi, is not going to be broadcasted this week, as the guests for the show are normally finalized by Wednesday, and so far nothing has happened. 

An insider further revealed that the reason for Ms. Kanthi’s anxiety  is because she is already in talks with an international association for broadcast rights of a match. However, the source did not reveal the country and the match.

Power Sportz better get its act right soon, else people may regard it as a product that peaked too fast, and normally, as per a product life cycle, decline is the next step. 

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