Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, charts a success story of her own as a versatile talent.

Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, charts a success story of her own as a versatile talent.

Overcoming various challenges in her life, she is today a rising business owner of QCD Organics and a clothing line and an impactful actor, model, and influencer.

It is a known fact that most of the success stories that people hear today weren’t created overnight. Still, there have been a few people who have always sought to create a success story of theirs as soon as possible. Most of the successful people across industries have had to go through a lot to eventually land up at a prominent place in their respective careers and endeavours in life. They have had to endure several challenges, stay resilient, and practice patience to become their best versions. Qwanisha Chantele Duberry, aka Rebellious Chantele, did the same and hence could become the rising CEO of QCD Organics as well as an actor, model, and influencer across the US.

Rebellious Chantele may seem to be just another girl vying to make her mark in her chosen niches, but she is definitely much beyond that, which she has proved with the kind of consistent success she has been gaining in her career and endeavours. However, all of this did not come easy to her. Times were dark in her life as well, where she lost her father (David Duberry) and lived across different states in the US. Finally, she chose Chicago as her place, which she believes has shaped her into finding her love for what she does, like being an influencer and sharing positivity through the ups and downs of depression. Later she took the chance and moved to Atlanta to get nearer to many of her other goals in life.

She is proud she is not a Rebel without a Cause, and that pretty much exudes through her work as an actor, influencer, model, and businesswoman. She has also created a clothing line that promotes continuing “not to be distracted when things don’t always go our way” but to keep pushing and keep going. Throughout her journey, she still reaches high goals and ambitions to relate to others who have lost loved ones and teaches that spiritually you can get through anything.

Rebellious Chantele (@rebellious_chantele) is now working on her upcoming herbal salon for hair and skincare and new music and TV premiers.

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