Real Estate Powerhouse Todd Franzen Shares How He Works & Found Success

Real Estate Powerhouse Todd Franzen Shares How He Works & Found Success

Todd Franzen was building for McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s by the time he was 25.  He built over a 5.5M construction co by the time he was 28. “I am the first millionaire in my family. I have bought and sold over 700 houses nationwide with my real estate business, doing over 11M in sales in 2019. And Started a real estate franchise division.”

Todd is a completely fair guy. He is a guy that doesn’t want to see anyone crushed because his ego is out of hand. Todd is seen as a guy that will give you the shirt off his back or split the last dollar.

Buy, Fix, Sell

Franzen’s company buys real estate investments, or more specifically, “We buy and sell, buy and rent, buy and repair and sell. We also built a real estate franchise system.” He ends this by stating how they are currently looking for partners to expand throughout the nation. This will end up benefiting multiple people to those involved, without a doubt. 

Standing Out

Todd was able to make a name for himself by focusing on networking and growing the business when he first started. He mentioned some of the ways they build their brand, which is marketing and also TV commercials. This allows them to have more exposure so people are aware their wonderful business exists.

Top Tips For Success

Everyone has habits, good or bad, it is a natural thing as humans. Creating successful habits is what helps us reach our goals, so you can really see the importance these habits have. Todd explains how the most important tip you can have is to realize your dream and have a purpose. Which he then states that you must have a plan to act on. Having a plan laid out for your dream can help you visualize and achieve your goal at more ease, not excluding the hard work of course. Franzen ends this by saying “Have a goal and then implement a plan! Without this, nothing.”

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