Reality star Robbie McMahon is back with a new series on ITV named Love Bites

Reality star Robbie McMahon is back with a new series on ITV named Love Bites

The 20-year-old popular model and TV star is known to be in news constantly and keep the viewers interest intact.

Reality television has emerged as a huge part of the entertainment industry today and draws immense interest from a wide audience. People like to watch a bunch of people and competing with each other to win the prize money or date a fellow contestant on the show. What’s more interesting to watch is how they react to certain situations and how they deal with it. A few reality TV stars have become some of the biggest celebrities today, having garnered a huge fan following worldwide. One such name who has created enough buzz around him whenever he has appeared on a reality show is that of Robbie McMahon. He has done numerous TV shows like ITV’s Dinner Date, BBC just one night, MTV Geordi Shore – Hot Single Summer, and is now coming up with a new show on ITV titled Love Bites which he says would be as intriguing as his earlier ones.

According to Robbie, the format of the show is unique which would enthrall the viewers every bit. He says that there are three contenders fighting it out with each other to win their respective dates with fellow contestants, but there’s a twist in the tale as there would be no tug of war kind of competition where one has to prove their supremacy through their strength but here they need to prove their worth through their culinary skills, yes, you heard it right, each contestant has to cook meals to impress their dates and the one who tantalizes the taste buds to the maximum, takes their date. “The show is going to be exciting and there’s already enough buzz around it which guarantees its success beforehand,” says Robbie, who’s confident of making his mark through his latest appearance on this show.

What’s more, he’s already a social media sensation with more than 43,000 followers on Instagram and fans would be eager to see him in action in this one too, like his previous endeavors in TV shows. When asked what are his future plans going ahead in life, he says he wants to open a modelling agency in the near future to cater to the deserving candidates who want to make it big in the world of glamour and entertainment.

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